About Pringle’s Worm Farm

Welcome to Pringle’s Worm Farm! Here you will find tons of information concerning vermiculture (worm farming). We are dedicated to bringing you the very best worm castings available that will stimulate your plants the natural way. There is no better natural fertilizer than worm castings. I look forward to assisting you at whatever point in the process you are, starting plants, creating your own composting system, deciding what worms are best and all the fun things associated with worms.


I (Brian Pringle) have been a part of many businesses and have had a ton of fun doing so, but there was always something missing. I needed something I could really sink my skills into that would not only be a great business for me, but really being able to supply a service and/or products that would truly help people as well as the planet. After all, all of us and our future children will have to rely on this planet and what it can produce. I am ecstatic to be able to bring this wonderful craft called vermicomposting to all that is willing to help each other and our great Earth.



I want to help people simply for the joy of doing so. Seeing all the great comments about how worm castings made their crop better than it has ever been before and showing pictures of giant tomatoes and all sorts of great products stimulates me and makes me want to make even better products in the future. Bringing worm castings to the masses will no doubt make this world a better place to grow our crops and feed our families.



Our goal here at Pringle’s Worm Farm is a simple one. Bring the power of worms to each and every person on the planet with proof that plants can be raised twice as good, disease free and stimulated like no other formula on earth. This is the best organic fertilizer on the planet, so my goal is to share this information and products to all.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Brian Pringle


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